How to deposit microbial resources in NCVTC Repository

  1. Contact the concerned scientific staff in NCVTC (see contact details at the back) before depositng microbial cultures in the repository.
  2. Download the preliminary culture data sheet from the Centre’ website (http:// ; )
  3. Send the microbial cultures alongwith the duly filled preliminary culture data sheet to the curator.
  4. Repository receipt numbers will be communicated to the depositors for those cultures which pass the preliminary quality testing.
  5. Accession numbers shall be communicated after authentication of the cultures, subject to the submission of the duly filled deposit form. The accessioning process may take between 10-12 weeks.
    • Bacteria: The bacterial cultures can be deposited in freeze dried form or as slant and may be transported on ice.
    • Virus: The virus cultures should be deposited preferably in freeze dried form (10 nos) or as frozen cultures (10 X 2ml cryovials) and transported preferably in dry ice / liquid nitrogen.
    • Plasmid/genomic DNA : Plasmid/genomic DNA should be deposited in both liquid form in TE buffer & precipitate form in 80% ethanol. Amount of genetic material: a) plasmid: 200µl ( 50ng/µl) in TE & ~1µg in 80% ethanol; b) genomic: 200µ (100-200ng/ul) in TE & ~5ug in 80% ethanol.
    • Recombinant clones: Should be submitted as described under deposit form for recombinant clones
    • Bacteriophage: The bacteriophages should be deposited in SM buffer and corresponding host in freeze dried form/stab in slant